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House Blessings
Did you decide to move or buy a new house at the same time that you decided to get married?
You are not alone! So many couples have chosen to go down that path and celebrate with their family and friends in their new home! 
So why not include a blessing for you home as we bless your new marriage? With so many ways to bless your home, such as smudging each of the rooms, lighting a candle to cleanse and clean your space, to just saying a blessing during your ceremony, the choices are only limited to your imagination!
J & D Vow Renewal and New Home Blessing
…..throughout time, in many religions and cultures it has been a tradition to offer prayers of blessings to a home and its inhabitants.
As we bless this house, your home, let’s start by opening ourselves to the peace to this house brings to not only those who dwell here but also to all who enter.
Your home is a sacred place. It is a place where we feel safe, can relax, and be our true selves. You home is where you gather as a family, it is where you are taught your life’s values and ideals. Where you nurture, support and encourage one another. Home is the place where you have organized, decorated, settled…May this home be a place of happiness and health; of contentment, generosity and home; a home of creativity and kindness. May those who visit and those who live here know only blessing and peace…